10 Health Benefits of Swimming with Lifeguard course near me

Have you ever heard that swimming with Lifeguard course near me is one of the most complete sports out there? We don’t hear this for nothing, because it works several parts of the body at the same time and with low impact. The most diverse researches have already proven the efficiency of this modality. Which attracts practitioners of all ages and social classes. Swimming has, for some time now, been seen not only as fun and entertainment. But as a physical activity that can bring countless benefits.

We will list ten of the benefits of swimming with Lifeguard course near me below. Which vary widely and range from aiding in breathing to increasing self-esteem.

1 – Improve your balance

Swimming provides an improvement in motor coordination. This feature has already been tested and proven by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. At Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. According to the research, swimmers have a better balance. Mainly in the movement of the ankles, due to the exercises done in the water.

2 – Reduces cardiovascular problems

Blood circulation improves with swimming, which facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. With this improvement in circulation, it is more difficult for heart problems to appear. As the activity strengthens the heart and facilitates the pumping of blood to the body.

3 – Recover from injuries

For those who have an injury. Swimming with Lifeguard course near me is a great ally at the time of recovery. The water lessens the impact of the movement and makes. The exercise feel lighter and the work of the muscle movement seem less.

4 – Flexibility

The activity in the pool works the arms and legs. Which helps to keep the joints active, leaving the body’s flexibility and elasticity in increasing improvement.

5 – Low impact

Unlike other sports, swimming offers a lower impact on the practice of physical exercise. As it is performed by in the water.

6 – Improves breathing

With the practice of swimming with Lifeguard course near me, the muscles of the chest wall are strengthened by, allowing a better contraction and expansion of the lung. Which collaborates with the increase of the oxygenation of the air and, consequently, with a better breathing.

7 – Improves posture

With some specific exercises in the water it is possible to move the spine, increasing its flexibility and improving posture.

8 – Improves reasoning ability

The practice of swimming with Lifeguard course near me moves the whole body and influences parts of the brain that are not stimulated. Exercises increase logical ability and also influence memorization.

9 – Burn calories efficiently

Like any physical exercise, swimming loses weight, as its practice leads to a big loss of calories. The amount of weight lost depends. On the intensity of the exercises and their combination with a healthy and balanced diet. In general, for every hour of practice. Moderately, the practice records a loss of 300 to 400 calories.

10 – Increases Self Esteem

When dealing with the benefits of swimming with Lifeguard course near me. It is always important to remember that the practice of any and all physical exercise brings a huge satisfaction of pleasure and well-being. This feeling, when well used, reaps its fruits in interpersonal relationships and in personal well-being. Which increases self-esteem and increases self-confidence.

And we come to the most complicated move on the list. Unlike other types of swimming, in the butterfly. We do not perform by any movement that we are used to on a daily basis.

Thus, it requires greater dedication. In addition to flexibility in the hip region. This modality requires greater strength to remove the entire trunk from the water. As much as it is the most difficult movement, it is also the one that works the body the most. As practically all the musculature is required to perform by this swim, emphasizing the chest, abdomen and back.

There are 3 moments, in this modality, that count points. The first is positioning on the trampoline. So the athlete must put himself in a position where he can jump with the strength and momentum necessary to perform the movements before touching the water.

Finally, we have the moment when the athlete enters the water and, at this stage.

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