5 Best Pizza Places in London for Students

London is the dream city of many worldwide students. It not only provides the best education to students but also offers a lot of other things, which most of the youngsters of today enjoy. London is a global city with plenty of tourist attractions and student accommodation London. On the other hand, it offers some excellent theaters, music venues, art venues, restaurants, bars, and a lot more.

Students who visit London to study abroad also like to enjoy glimpses of the city. It is needless to mention that many of the students are foodies. Those who are not foodies also like to visit restaurants occasionally.

Pizza is one of the favorite foods of a large number of students. They will be delighted to know that there are some best pizza places in London. If you are willing to visit these pizza places then this article may help you. Tons of places in London can be found from local favorites to authentic Italian restaurants to big brands. Most of the places for student accommodation London are located near the public transport system, so you can visit the pizza places easily.

Here are some best pizza places where you can visit and can enjoy your favorite pizzas as well as some new flavors.

Best Pizza Places in London

1. Homeslice

Homeslice has specialization in authentic Italian pizzas. They have notorious 20” pizzas, which are amazing options. These pizzas are enough to feed two or three people.

Plenty of tasty toppings can be found here. If you want to mix it, you can go half & half. A full pizza can be acquired at £24-£32, which you can split between a group.

Homeslice has four restaurants in London, among which you can choose, which is nearest to your place for accommodation. These four places include Homeslice City, Neal’s Yard, Shoreditch, and Marylebone.

2. Pizza Union

TripAdvisor keeps Pizza Union as the number one place among the pizza places in London. It is an Italian pizza bar brand, which offers fire-baked roman-style pizzas. If you are a vegan or vegetarian then it can be the best place for you. It offers various vegan and vegetarian options. The service of this pizza place is super fast.

Get your pizza here at very cheap prices. Get 12” pizzas at less than £8. Also, enjoy the great music at this place.

Pizza Union has six restaurants in London, which include Aldgate, Hoxton, Kings Cross, Holborn, Spitalfields, and Dalston.

3. Flat Earth Pizza

If you want to visit a pizza place, which is completely meat-free then this is the right place for you. Flat Earth Pizza offers only vegan and vegetarian options. It has a sustainable and waste-free concept. The guys who started Flat Earth Pizza started off as street food vendors but have expanded recently with a popular restaurant that has been opened permanently in Bethnal Green.

They offer fresh homemade dishes in many options such as creamy garlic mushroom pizza. They also have amazing customer service.

The restaurant has a new menu for summer. You as a student will definitely experience something new when you will visit Flat Earth Pizza.

4. Pizza Pilgrims

Italian delicacies are offered by Pizza Pilgrims with the pizzas made fresh daily. They have the best ingredients, which makes them more delicious.

This pizza place not only has restaurants in London but also in Oxford and Brighton. In London, it has three pizzerias, where you can experience a taste of Naples. They also offer delivery at your home. So, you can get pizza in your student room or apartment also.

You can get a variety of options on the menu. One perfect example is The 8-Cheese. You can also get personalized pizza options. Besides, you also get Bottomless Pizza and a lot more, which you can enjoy.

5. Lost Boys Pizza

Lost Boys Pizza is a unique pizza place in the world. This is the world’s only Vampire Pizzeria. It means that it focus the branding on gothic horror, rock, metal, and some other things that belong to the 80s.

Award-winning pizza hotspot. All the pizzas available here are decently sized and they are available at less than £15. Most of the options available here are vegan. The pizzas available here have crazy names.

This pizza place also offers a home delivery option. So, you can get it at your student apartment, room, or studio.

To Sum Up

These are a few pizza places available in London where students can visit and can get unique tastes. These pizza places will definitely make the stay of students in London more memorable.

Apart from pizzerias, there are many other restaurants and bars in the city, where students can taste local and intercontinental cuisines near your student accommodation London. Visiting these restaurants, bars, and pizzerias on some of the weekends is definitely one of the best ideas for students.

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