Swimming is a popular activity among Danes and with good reason: It is both fun and healthy to swim. In fact, it is so healthy for the body that you should swim as often as you can. Here you get an overview of all the best benefits with lifeguard training.

Facts about swimming

You know, of course, what swimming is all about, but let’s come up with some quick facts about swimming.

Swimming is the term for moving around in water. It is something that all people can learn, but that we can not automatically from birth. However, it is relatively easy to learn, and most Danes learn it at an early age. Both because of swimming lessons in school as well as because of general interest in swimming and swimming training. In Denmark, swimming is the third most popular sport of lifeguard training.
It is about coordinating the movements correctly when we swim. Therefore, there are also several different ways to swim. There are four official styles and they are called crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly. They can be mixed, and here it becomes the variant medley. In addition to official ways of swimming, there are also a few other methods that are less effective and that mostly come from an intuitive approach. You have certainly seen people in the swimming pool who actually swim, but with slightly untraditional techniques – most often for great fun of lifeguard training.

Swimming is popular all over the world, but especially in Europe, North America as well as certain Asian countries.

The best benefits of swimming training

First of all, it is a good idea to be able to swim, as it reduces the risk of drowning – in addition, it allows you to help if you see others who have problems in the water.

But in addition to this obvious benefit, there are of course also many benefits that simply just relate to swimming often.
Swimming training leads very well. There are both physical and mental benefits to swimming.

First of all, swimming is a really good form of exercise. You can increase your fitness and burn a lot of calories by going out for a swim. In addition, it also strengthens the muscles. And the whole body is actually trained to some degree. There is a reason why a “swimming body” is so attractive!

A lot of oxygen needs to be used while swimming, so your oxygen intake quickly becomes much larger when you swim regularly and when you really give it your whole arm. It also means that the brain gets more oxygen, and it can lead to positive effects on your concentration level in everyday life, as well as your reaction times of lifeguard training.

In addition, swimming is refreshing for the nervous system, and some studies show that swimming can potentially reduce stress. This is not surprising as many other forms of exercise (such as running and cycling) do the same. Swimming is a natural antidepressant activity that can help you in a better mood when you are stressed or depressed with lifeguard training.

How to get started with swimming

Most Danes can already swim, so if it includes you, of course you just have to go. The swimming pool a little more often and get your body touched with lifeguard training.

Here you can either just buy a ticket once or twice a week and swim freely to get some exercise. But you can also sign up for a swimming club – and no, it does not necessarily have to relate to competitive swimming and be deeply serious with lifeguard training. There are many in Denmark who are members of a swimming club, but who simply do it for the sake of entertainment and to feel the social element. So it can clearly be recommended. That way, you probably also save money in the long run, instead of having to pay for a trip to the swimming pool every single time you feel like swimming.
If you can not swim, then of course you must first have learned it. There’s no shame in not being able to swim – but it’s a really good idea to learn it. Both because it’s fun once you get started. But also because it’s really nice to be able to lifeguard training.

When you can not swim in advance, it is not always a good idea to go to the swimming pool alone. Go with a friend or family member who can find out – he or she can also teach you in a short time. You can also sign up for a beginner swimming course where an instructor will teach you to swim. Courses can also help get rid of fear of water, which is important for many beginners. If you have not learned to swim before, then you should always start by learning it in a swimming pool where there is no power and where there are people who can easily keep an eye on. Do not start swimming in the sea – wait with it until you get used to being in the water.

Swimming equipment

There is some general swimming equipment you will need when you want to go swimming. Maybe you already have it, and in that case it’s perfect – but if not, then you get some recommendations here!

First of all, you need to have some good swimwear that fits well and feels comfortable. For boys and men it is about swimming trunks, and for women and girls it is about a swimsuit or bikini. Among the best brands. We have Speedo and Arena, which are known as the safe choices.
Swimming goggles are also good to have. That way, you can see more easily when you swim. And your eyes avoid getting annoyed. Anyone who swims often should wear good pair of goggles!

Other equipment can also be recommended. Depending on how serious you are. But it’s always fun with more equipment, so most people can actually use it. Flippers are great to have, and a swimming pool can also add to the entertainment. A bathing cap also helps.

In general, there is a lot to look at, but the above things are clearly the most interesting. If you are looking for swimming equipment, then is the best place to look.


Swimming is a really good leisure activity. It is one of the best forms of exercise, and everyone benefits from swimming.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration. Otherwise, we just hope you sharpen your swimming skills and get into the water regularly. There are really many benefits to being good at swimming and to swimming often, and it is something that almost all health experts will recommend!


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