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Creating A Domain Name for Easy Profit

Creating a domain name without knowledge can cost you money. Don’t believe me? Listen to this. If I cannot find your domain name research or even remember it after you told me about it, I cannot do business through your site. There are so many websites on the Internet that you will be lost in cyberspace even before you can get off the ground! Registering a catchy, well-researched, and keyword-enhanced domain name is as good as money in the bank.

The ignorant choose a domain because it sounds good, or they just like it. The wise will have no such compunctions and will in fact research the name exhaustively just to get the right fit. If you are choosing a domain name on the World Wide Web for any reason other than charity, then you will want to make the most profitable choice you can find.

Here are some of the best reasons to think carefully when creating a domain name. Get this right and your profit could be assured, just from the domain name alone.

Get A Domain Name That Will Increase In Value Each Year.

How will you know that your domain name will be more valuable with time? You can start by looking at trends in the industry or niche that you want to operate in. The days of the analog telephone is dead so you may not want to register a domain that includes the words analog telephone if you are in that industry. Instead look at where the industry is going. Internet, cellular, satellite, or mobile phones are in and will be here for a while so if you are operating in the telephone industry, it would be safer to go with words that have a future.

Create A Domain Name That Will Get Some Traffic

Do some quick research to get some ideas using the Google ad words tool located at this address: You will get a graphic of how many searches are made for that term and how many people are trying to market on the web, using that term. You can also type in your term at to see how many websites are on the Internet with those terms. Enclose the word or phrase in quotes like these ( ” “) to get more accurate results. For example “holiday camping gear”.

Combine Keywords When Creating a Domain Name to Get the Best Fit

If you think about it, it makes sense. If you are selling bull horns, automotive air horns, or goat horns you may want to include those words into your domain name. Remember that the days of single word domain names are long gone. These days you need to find short and preferably memorable phrases that will help you out. Combining words that tell your story will immediately tell your customers what you are selling.

Find a Good Registrar to register your domain names

There are many of these registrars competing for your business. Prices range from $1.99 to over $30.00 for the rights to use a domain name for a year. ICANN currently has an accredited list of registrars. Go here: and browse their list. You will also find a good list of TLDs (top level domains) here as well. Do not get hung up research however. Remember that a .com is still the most popular form of the domain name. If you type the domain name with www but without a TLD, your browser will default to the .com form of the name.

Find Quick Ways To Profit From Creating A Domain Name

Now that you have a domain name and hopefully a website, here are some ways to use the domain name and quickly profit from it:

1. Redirect an affiliate URL to the domain name without setting up a website.

2. Park the Domain Name for profit from type-in, and search engine traffic

3. Develop the domain name and resell it for a profit later

4. Create a brand name around the domain name and sell advertising on it

5. Use the domain name as a gateway to send traffic to other sites you own

All of the above would be viable options for creating a domain name and quickly profiting from the same. Creating a domain name will land you in the middle of a growing online business with no end in sight. Get start today and profit for years to come.

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