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How to grow a new YouTube channel

There are many people who have their own channel on YouTube but they do not understand how to work on it. In this blog, you will be told how to grow a new YouTube channel. 

And if you want to increase the engagement of your channel in less time, then you can take the help of Followersindia. But in this article, I will only tell you those methods for which you will not need to spend anything at all.

Check if the channel is optimized or not

Whenever you create a new YouTube channel, check whether it is fully optimized or not. That is, whether there is a picture of you or your brand’s logo on that channel. Because of this, people will be able to recognize your channel. 

And, in the About section of your channel, describe what you create content for. And what is your niche? In this, you must also put links to the rest of your social media pages.

Understand your target audience’s needs

You create content keeping in mind the needs of your audience. If you make videos about those things that your target audience wants to see, then your videos will get more views and your subscribers will also increase. 

Because the majority of people use YouTube to find answers to their questions, And if you create related content from those things, you can quickly grow your channel. 

You must think like an audience when creating content. There are very few people who make their content keeping this in mind. If you are successful in solving the query of Weavers, then they will also like and comment on that video of yours.

Make use of YouTube shorts

You must have known about YouTube shorts. And you must also know that with this, you can upload videos of 1 minute or less. But do you know that this is the best feature to grow a new YouTube channel, which was launched by YouTube in 2020? 

With this, you can grow your YouTube channel very quickly. Because the YouTube algorithm itself promotes the videos put on the shorts. And even if a user does not search for any keywords, your videos can still be seen by them.

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Every week, post at least one video

There is one thing common on every social media platform, and that is consistency. If you want to grow a new YouTube channel quickly, then you should upload at least 1 video every week. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get engagement on that channel. 

If you put videos every week, then YouTube’s algorithm will reach more people on your channel’s videos. And your subscribers can also share your content with their friends and connections.

Choose the right time to post

Upload your videos at a time when your target audience is online. because only then the chances of getting views on your videos can increase. 

If you do not know when is the right time for this, then you can see the posting timings of those creators who are from your industry.

Tell more people about your channel

Because your YouTube channel is new, it is important for you to tell more and more people about it. Only then can your subscriber count increase. For this, you can use your social media accounts. Because even if you have more than 400 total connections on social media, you can increase your subscribers in a few days. 

You share the link to your channel with all of them and also ask them to see the videos you put on it. And if they like those videos, then maybe they can share them with their friends too. In this way, you will be able to grow your channel in a few days.


I hope you have gotten some help from the methods mentioned in this blog. And you will use it as your strategy. But if even after this you do not see any increase, then you can also buy YouTube views in India. For this, you can use Followerindia, which is a trusted website. 

This will not harm your channel because our service is completely safe. If you have any queries, then you can clear your doubts by visiting our website.

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