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How to Use Magnetic Embroidery Hoops on an Embroidery Machine

Have you heard about magnetic embroidery hoops for embroidery machines for Embroidery digitizing services but aren’t sure if they will help you embroider or how to use them? I figure out that. I had no idea about that prior to this. However, I can now see how the magnetic hoop machine can truly transform the embroidery hobby.

One thing I’ve learned from my research is that magnetic embroidery hoops divide people! Some people adore them, while others consider them to be a total waste of money. Which one then is it? Will using magnetic embroidery hoop hoop assist you in the process of embroidery? Or should you avoid them at all costs?

What Are Magnetic Hoops for Embroidery?

A regular embroidery hoop and a magnetic hoop are very similar. You probably already know that a standard embroidery hoop fits inside the bottom with the fabric and stabilizer secured in between. This works best if the material isn’t too thick and you can easily get to the area you want to embroider.

The stabilizer and the object you are embroidering on are located on the bottom of the hoop piece in magnetic embroidery hoops, which are similar to regular embroidery hoop designs. However, in contrast to a standard embroidery hoop, its top piece does not fit inside its bottom piece. The stabilizer and the item are sandwiched between the magnetic pieces as soon as it lifts up thanks to the magnets.

Different types of magnetic hoops exist. Some magnetic hoops have a complete frame at the top, while others only have individual magnets instead of a top frame.

What are the various kinds?

You can purchase a few distinct brands of magnetic embroidery hoops for Embroidery digitizing service. Among the most well-liked are:

DIME’s Snap Hoop Monster hoops:

have a reputation for being very tough and long-lasting. In fact, some users have trouble distinguishing them because they are so potent. To ensure a secure hold, they are made up of two fully magnetized rectangles around the border.

Another brand worth checking out is Mighty Hoops. Their character is one of extreme strength. They say that they will carry anything, from thick quilts to Carhartt jackets, in their advertisements.

Make magnetic embroidery hoops:

are less secure than the other two brands but much less expensive. They don’t have a top frame; instead, a large section of magnets hold the stabilizer and fabric to the bottom frame.

Are Hoops for Magnetic Embroidery Effective?

Yes, I adore them! In some hooping situations, magnetic embroidery hoops outperform traditional embroidery hoops even more. However, not all hoops are created equal, and not all machines are compatible with all hoops. Additionally, magnetic embroidery hoops are only suitable for a limited number of projects.

Even though they cost a lot of money and only have a few uses, I still think that having at least one magnetic hoop is very helpful. I currently have two Dime Snap Hoop Monsters and a Brother Magnetic Sash Frame for my Brother Luminaire XP2, as well as an Embroidex hoop for my Brother SE1900 embroidery machine. I’m surprised at how frequently I now turn to them!

How to Use Embroidery Hoops with Magnetics:

Different brands of magnetic embroidery hoop work in different ways, and not all options work with all machines. So that you can learn what you can embroider and how to use them, it is essential to identify the kinds that are compatible with your machine.

An overview of the various brands and types of magnetic embroidery hoops and how they function is provided here.

Snap Hoops for Dime Monsters:

First and foremost, Dime offers its patented Monster Snap Hoops, which allow for one-step hooping while requiring minimal hand strain. Now, to find out if and when your machine is compatible with Dime’s magnetic embroidery hoops, I recommend using it. Brother, Janome, Babylock, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff are among the compatible machine brands.

Needle machines (with hoop sizes greater than 6 inches by 10 inches) Many 6- and 10-needle machines from Brother, Janome, and Babylock can also be used with multi-needle snap hoop monsters.

Note that I discovered the hard way not to use the top magnet frame to remove your snap hoop from the machine. I removed it from my embroidery projects by accident, decentering them and ruining the stitching for later. Therefore, while holding both sides of the frame, remove the hoop from the machine if you need to trim applique fabric or perform jump stitches.

Strong Hoop:

The Mighty Hoop, which was initially designed to work with leather and Carhartt jackets, is one of the best options for magnetic hooping that can be used with multi-needle embroidery machines.

Since I haven’t used a single-needle machine before, I’ll leave a professional video above to show you how to use the Mighty Hoop and what the difference is. Before making a purchase, make sure to check with the company to see if it will work with your machine.

The Only Magnetic Hoops Compatible with My Brother SE1900, also known as the Amazon Version:

Since Brother no longer makes a magnetic hoop specifically for the SE1900, it is not a genuine Brother accessory. There is also no money available.) Embroidex, on the other hand, sells a magnetic metal hoop for my Brother SE1900 embroidery machine and many other entry-level embroidery machines. I recently purchased the new 5″x12″ and love it.

Hoops for Brother’s Genuine Magnetic Embroidery:

Additionally, the compatible Brother-branded Hoopnetic Magnetic Sash Frame that came with my Brother Luminaire XP2 embroidery machine is 7 inches by 14 inches. Using this magnetic hoop, you can leave some of the magnets in and just pull the fabric through to reattach quilt sections between sewing. Additionally, the fabric can be smoothed with magnets, resulting in tighter hooping than with my Snap Hoops.

However, one major drawback is that the maximum sewing speed you can use with it is 600 spm due to the hoop’s weight (it is extremely heavy in comparison to dime snap hoops) and strong magnet. It smells a little because my machine can embroider with other hoops at 1,050 spm. Additionally, while the Brother SAMF180 5′′x7′′ Magnetic Hoop is an option for other Brother machines with larger hoop sizes, the 7′′x14′′ magnetic embroidery hoop is only compatible with the XP1 and XP2 models. Check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery digitizing services.


This tutorial on how to use magnetic embroidery hoops went well, I hope. Please share what you embroider with your magnetic hoop with me!

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