Pay Your Rbl Bank Credit Card Bill Online By Following These Steps

In the case of RBL Bank, several methods are available for consumers to pay their credit card bills online.

Let’s learn about these methods in detail

RBL Bank Net banking

  • Use your username and password to log onto the RBL net banking account
  • Go to the ‘Bill Paymentsection and choose the ‘Add Biller’ option
  • As your biller, add your RBL Bank credit card
  • Now, RBL credit card pay online is easy by feeding in the details such as the amount that needs to be pay and the bank account from which the deduction needs to be make
  • Next, click on the Instant Pay option. While the payment is process, a receipt will be display

Other Bank Net banking

  • In any bank’s net banking account, you can add the RBL Bank as the biller
  • A savings account may directly be use for making the payment
  • After RBL credit card pay online is through, it is on the following day that the money transfer will be through. But, it is on the same day that the money is release.
  • The cardholder receives a confirmation message over his email and his registered email id

MyCard Mobile Banking

  • Login to your RBL Bank MyCard app
  • Here, the details of your card will be display. Click on the option that says ‘Make Payment’
  • Enter the amount that you wish to pay; also, select your preferred mode of payment
  • Instantly, you can make the payment. It is on the same day that the limit will be release


  • Go to the RBL Bank’s BillDesk portal
  • After reading the information, click on the ‘Proceed’ button
  • Next, enter your credit card details alongside your mobile number and email ID at the locations specified. Also, select your preferred mode of payment
  • After confirming the payment, submit the request
  • Your payment will be instantly accomplish. Further, a confirmation will be send to your email id and mobile no. as well


  • To make payment via UPI, choose either the RBL MyCard app or net banking
  • In the credit cards section, select the option that says ‘Bill Payment’
  • After you enter the amount that you wish to pay, click over the option that says ‘Submit’
  • Choose the UPI option
  • After entering your VPA, proceed by clicking on ‘Request’
  • On your smartphone, open your preferred UPI app to make the payment
  • Instantly, the amount is credit to your card

Over NEFT by using the IFSC code

  • From any bank, login to your net banking account
  • Proceed to the Funds Transfer section. Now, choose the NEFT option
  • In case it is require, add a beneficiary and the beneficiary’s details. They will be:
  • Payee name will be the name over your RBL Bank Credit Card
  • Payee account number will be your Credit Card number, 16-digit
  • Enter bank name
  • Enter the bank’s IFSC code
  • Enter the branch location 
  • Now, using your savings account, make the payment
  • With the amount being debit from your savings bank account, it is credit in favour of your credit card outstanding

Via RTGS using IFSC Code

In case it is over Rs. 2.00 lakh that your credit card outstanding stands at, it becomes possible to pay the bill via RTGS, which is Real Time Gross Settlement. But before paying the credit card bill, it is important to add your credit card to the beneficiaries list.

Please note that for bill payment of your RBL credit card, the IFSC code is ‘RATN0CRCARD’. You can now make the payment by following these steps.

  • Login to any net banking account where the Kotak credit card is list among the beneficiaries
  • Proceed to the Funds Transfer section
  • Click on RTGS
  • From the beneficiaries’ list, review details after selecting the card
  • After entering the amount, make payment for the RBL credit card

Via NACH using Any Bank Account

Irrespective of the bank in which the cardholder holds an account, it is possible to use NACH (National Automated Clearing House) to make payments for RBL credit cards by following these steps:

  • Send a form to the RBL Bank to register for the service
  • Following the registration, each month, on the date due for RBL credit card payment, the amount will be debiting automatically from the bank account selected in the application form
  • The cardholder enjoys the liberty to disable the facility at any preferred time
  • NACH mandate form can be download online

Debit Cards

RBL credit card payment can also be accomplish via debit cards of any bank, including Kotak, HDFC, Axis, ICICI, and SBI. This is accomplish by logging into your net banking account for that particular bank. Select credit cards from the bill payment option to accomplish the same.

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