Road trip for backpackers that includes river rafting and camping: Kolad


Mumbai, the town of imagination, can get fairly claustrophobic currently. Thanks to the large teams and contamination. With growling traffic and a finite stream of people within the Kolad city, the guts long for a speedy break to a more peaceful spot. The celebrities are scarcely apparent when gazing toward the sky in the city. Luckily, the Sahyadri village could be several hours drive from Mumbai. Thus you’ll ceaselessly go there to reconnect with nature and see a real sense of harmony. To be sure, an end-of-the-week escape on the brink of the city would be brilliant for a fixing camp outing total with immense fireplaces and stargazing. Thus, we’ve gathered a summary of the most effective setting up camp spots and places within the metropolis region.

One can travel via train to Mumbai and Pune. From there they can either opt for a bus or car drive. You can also go by train from Dadar to Raha station. From there you can catch a rickshaw or a private cab as per your situation.

Best time to visit:

Kolad camping can be year round but in our opinion go for it in the winter season ranging from October to march. This is because there will be minimal humidity, a cooler climate and a temperature range from 15-23 degrees celsius.


Kolad has a beautiful river surrounded by a lush green environment and the water is as clear as the sky. Now, imagine yourself camping beside the river. How mesmerising it is going to be! You get to look at the clear sky above you and which you don’t get in the concrete jungle. You can dip your legs into the cool water and sit there along with your friends gossiping and having the best time of your life.There are numerous bundles from which to pick.

The river flows from the mountains so it becomes the perfect one for river rafting which is the major highlight of the day.

Build a fire around your tent at night where everyone sings, dances around the fire, narrates some stories and just deepen those bonds and know more about each other. The sky at night is breathtaking and the reflection of the water at night makes you want to leave your city life and move out here.

Adventurer rises!

This is going to be the favourite section for all those adrenaline junkies out there because Kolad provides you with a wide range of water sports including kayaking, river rafting, banana boat ride and zip lining.

From the above-mentioned activities, the major highlight of your trip is going to be the river rafting which is quite thrilling and challenging which makes it more appealing. The rafting will be done on a fast flowing downstream of 12 km most of the time in a group of 10 people. The rafting takes about 3 hours to complete. One plus point about river rafting in the Kolad river is that there are no sudden changes in the water level which make it a bit safer.

Basic things to carry:

  1. Do carry a power bank.
  2. Carry a proper first aid kit 
  3. Your travelling pillow and blankets
  4. Personal medicines
  5. Proper footwear 
  6. Flashlight
  7. Umbrella (just to be a bit cautious)
  8. Warm clothing
  9. Hat
  10. Extra pair of clothing and fresh towels
  11. Bluetooth speaker (optional)

Things you can do:

If  you have extra time on your hand then you can go for:

  1. Tala fort climb is suitable for the winter season and does go for it if you have energy left in you because there is a lot to climb.
  2. Bhira dam on whose water currents you did the rafting.
  3. Kuda caves are led by a small trek which makes the end destination so beautiful. If you are with some friends do go for the trek to these caves which have few carvings, sculptures of elephants and writings in Pal language are quite clear. Kunda caves are 1st BC caves.
  4. Kolad museum which is 1 hour away from the river rafting point. The museum exhibits beautiful sculptures of humans and birds carved on wood. Sometimes there are also sales occurring there.

A visit to the Kolad village and the river gives one a fresh perspective of things. We sometimes forget to appreciate the beauty that our land holds and it is trips like these that remind us of the importance of the environment. It’s a shame there is still so much pollution but we need to protect our water bodies and in fact our surroundings to stop degradation.

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