Weekend getaways from Bangalore


Bangalore, the IT HUB. Almost Every individual spends their whole week camping in bangalore. Living in silicon valley is not an easy job, though having all the comfort and luxury, still something is missing for which  you are craving for, from the busy hectic life of the city. Take a break, and go camping in the outskirts of silicon valley. Where you will find peace and splendid destinations surrounded with nature. Plan your weekend in the lap of nature, sleeping under the sky, make your weekend full of adventure. And Rejuvenate your soul. 

Camping locations are myriad in and around the city of bangalore. It is a heaven for nature obsessed people who want a detox from the busy life of bangalore. 

Camping sites

Around the city will take you to sleep hearing the sound of the river and the birds chirping will wake you up in the most pleasant weather. Campings not only offer you the serene calmness in the wilderness, they make your weekend memorable with fun, adventure and thriller. Different camping locations have different activities to perform. Some camping spots are good for trekking or others have river rafting adventures. Camping in nandi hills and savandurga gives you adventurous activities like rock climbing. Ramanagara and Kanakapura between the jungles are wonderful nature destinations. Walking in the jungles, singing beside the bonfire, is the best camping experience. 

People love go to Annapurna Base Camp Trek, as this trek is loved by trekkers from all over the world.

Nature camping near bangalore

We have made a list of the best camping spots near Bangalore to spend your much awaited weekend. 

Nandi hills 

Nandi hills camping was once a summer palace of tipu sultan, it shows the old culture in the nature surroundings full of biodiversity. The misty weather in the morning and the sunrise is magnificent to witness. Winters are the best time for camping in nandi hills. There are numerous activities like trekking, paragliding or cycling. It is 61 km from bangalore. 


Is famous for its rock climbing activity. A place around 50 km from Bangalore camping in the wilderness is one of the most preferred camping spots. Weather is pleasant during the night. 


Is around 60 km from the city. It is the largest monolith hill in Asia. Which makes it different and one of its own. The view from the top magadi is breathtaking. It is the best place for rock climbers. There are various caves in savandurga camping. The top of the hill is at the altitude of 1226 m.


This is a popular camping site within 50 km from bangalore. There are various adventure sports like swimming, canoeing, kayaking and paintball. It is the perfect place to hangout with friends and family in the midst of stunning vistas. Manchinbele lake is so splendid and attracts the most. 

Bananthi betta 

Is 55 km from bangalore is an untouched offbeat destination. Surrounded by hillocks and a small stream flowing down is a good experience for the weekend. There are adventure activities to do in Bananthi Betta, like ladder walk, balance walk and many more. 


Approximately 115 km from bangalore is situated at the banks of cauvery is extremely habitual of wildlife and nature. You can find various bird species, especially kingfishers. Leopards, elephants, and sambals can be seen easily from the campsite. There are luxury resorts in doddamakali. You can do fishing near the camping. You will find the  pleasant vibe in the arms of nature in doddamakali. 


Is one of the most stunning camping hill stations near bangalore. Which is 268 km from the city. The coffee plantations are amazing. You can see the old culture with modern amenities. There are many adventurous activities like jungle safari, kayaking and much more. The splendid vistas of the hill station are breathtaking. It is an ideal destination to spend your weekend. 


Is just 70 km from bangalore. Night camping in anthargange is one of its kind. Caving, bonfire at midnight. Twinkling under the sky full of stars is an ideal destination to spend your weekend. Trekking and mountain hiking on rocky outcrops is thrilling. 


A camping site 100 km from Bangalore is fully surrounded with natural sites and Wildlife and floral life. Situated on the banks of cauvery. You can do rafting as it is the best adventure sport. Camping in Bheemeshwari is a gift for nature lovers. One can see many wild animals like leopards, elephants, spotted deer from the camp site. 

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