What are SELT and UKVI IELTS Tests?



In this blog, we will be going to read what are SELT and UKVI IELTS tests. Why do we need to take the test? So, first, we discuss the SELT exam.

The SELT test is an English language exam accepted by the Home Office of the UK, which is used for British visas and settlement all-inclusive. The SELT exam assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills at the appropriate level to meet the UKVI minimum requirements by visa type.

Choosing SELT is a wise choice because it offers exam flexibility. You can access the many resources available to prepare, schedule your exam easily, and take your exam at one of the most convenient, safe, and secure Parametric testing centers around the world. No matter where you examine, you will have the same qualified knowledge.

Various Categories of SELT

Graded Inspections in English Spoken

The assessment exam in English, he said, will test candidates in speaking and listening to conversations. The purpose of this test is to teach students with motivation and confidence to communicate in English. The exam is acceptable to all over 5 years of age and is suitable for each student. Officials also publish exam content and format to guide, review and better understand the exam pattern.

Assimilated Abilities in English

Integrated English Skills (ISE) is a 4-skill qualification for applicants intending to teach at a school, college, or university. ISE tests students’ ability to communicate in English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The SELT exam is designed for candidates who want to study, live and work in the UK. The test is not intended for international students applying for courses such as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Such students can sit for alternative English level exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE, and so on.

Why Choose SELT?

SELT is designed for international applicants who want to prove their English language skills, such as:

Applicants who want to join their family, extend their stay, or apply for citizenship in the UK can acquire 2 skills, namely speaking and listening. It includes spouse / partner, dependent parents, permanent residence / residency and naturalization.

Applicants for a job in the UK must have 2 skills (Speaking and Listening) or 4 skills (Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking). It includes a Foreign Trade Visa Representative, Athlete (Long Term) Visa, Experienced Worker Visa, and Experienced Work Visa: Health and Care Visa, Religious Affairs Visa, Innovation Visa, and Start-up Visa.

Applicants wishing to study in UK must have 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking for a lower-level student visa).


The Academic Test for UKVI is identical to the Academic Test in terms of content, format, assessment, and level of difficulty. However, the UKVI test is only available at test centers that meet the administrative requirements set by the UK Home Office. Your Test Report Sheet (TRF) is also slightly different if you take the IELTS test for UKVI.

Why Choose IELTS for the UKVI exam?

There are a number of different IELTS exams. Students who wish to use the IELTS test to demonstrate English language proficiency should take the IELTS Academic exam. However, international students are required to take the English Language Safety Test (SELT) approved by the British Government in some university courses, and the IELTS test for UKVI is recognized as SELT.

Is there a need to take an IELTS for the UKVI exam?

If you meet all of the following criteria, you must take the IELTS exam for UKVI:

  1. You will study on a student visa
  2. You take a course that is below the level of the degree. This includes:
  3. English language courses before the session
  4. Basic courses below RFQ / NQF 6
  5. If you have a degree or higher or are studying on a short-term student visa, you do not need an IELTS test for UKVI.

Why an IELTS for UKVI exam is different from other IELTS Academic Exams?

There is no difference in the form of tests or questions. The original exam occupied is the same – the same subject, invigilator, pattern, strain level, marks, and so on.

The main variance is that related to other IELTS academic tests, the number of permitted exam centers for IELTS for UKVI is very lesser.

If you have taken the IELTS for the UKVI exam, your IELTS Certificate will show your UKVI number.

What are the Passing Marks for an IELTS for UKVI Exam?

While certain courses require you to take the IELTS for the UKVI exam, there is no universal pass mark. The required scores depend on the nature of the course you are studying. For the required level of details, please refer to the admission requirements for the course of your choice.

Coaching for Preparation of IELTS

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