Where to Book the Best Student Accommodation Aberdeen

This Scottish town in the northeast is situated where the River Dee and River Don meets the North Sea. Meaning “mouth of the Dee” is its name. Given that it goes by the moniker “City of Granite” it should come as no surprise that many of its structures are made of granite. The city of Aberdeen is home to a diverse and cosmopolitan population that annually welcomes thousands of international students who look for Student Accommodation Aberdeen.

In order to meet people, you can join a number of associations (sports, debate, dancing, economics, whatever you choose!) and two significant colleges. Many of these young people also seize the chance to see Scotland’s various regions, including its cities and natural attractions.

In comparison to other cities in the UK, Aberdeen is rather budget-friendly. In Aberdeen, there are numerous alternatives for private housing. Although tedious, finding decent student housing in Aberdeen is not difficult. In the UK, Aberdeen offers affordable student housing. The University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University are both close to a large number of private student housing facilities.

The entirety is the city. The comfort of the students is the primary design goal for all Aberdeen student housing. Everyone can find something to do in the city. Both individual apartments and choices for shared housing are available for students in Aberdeen. Student Accommodation Aberdeen providers help students locate accommodations that suit their needs. It provides reasonable lodging options at a low cost.

These Aberdeen student housing alternatives are within a few buses stops from the city centre.

Student flats in Aberdeen range from £75/week to £210/week, including all the bills, and provide a wide selection of stylish, comfortable, yet affordable en-suites, studios, and shared apartments. The student housing in Aberdeen offers numerous additional advantages to its residents. These include anything from opulent dorms to very-priced Aberdeen dorm alternatives.

Although this English city is small, there are a number of neighbourhoods that cater to students that you should take into account when looking for housing, always based on your preferences:

Best Locations for Student Accommodation Aberdeen

While attending university, students need a variety of important items. A student’s daily demands can be stressful, however, one of the fundamental needs for students is a perfect Student Accommodation Aberdeen. Also, because every student has different demands, before selecting the best student housing, people frequently take sustainability, lifestyle, and transportation services into account. The amber website offers a variety of housing options for students in various areas. 

Old Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s favourite hidden gem is Old Aberdeen which is right in the middle of the city. It is the ideal fusion of historical and contemporary design. Students can locate fun things, intriguing spots, hangouts, and recreation facilities. There are numerous renowned universities nearby. Together with universities, many students favour the easy access to colleges provided by King Street Exchange, The Old Fire Station, and Spring Gardens, among other possibilities for student housing in this historic town. ruthrieston

Ruthrieston, a suburb of Aberdeen with many different communities, is a great place for students to live and play. Because Ruthriesron has railroad payments, which makes commuting easy, students favour this location for their lodging. It is well-known for its outdoor sports complex, churches, malls, and parks with trees for recreation. Causeway View, King Street 207, and Froghall are a few examples of accommodation options for students that are affordable.

Midstocket and Rosemount

The region of Rosemount and Midstocket, which is northwest of Aberdeen’s downtown, is well-liked by students. The amenities available to residents of this conveniently located suburb are plentiful. Supermarkets, independent boutiques, and restaurants come in a great variety and are all conveniently located. This region is close to bustling Union Street and has a number of parks and green areas. Accommodation choices for students include Linksfield House, Trinity Court, and Pittodrie Street.

Best places to live in Aberdeen.

Bridge of Don

A lovely natural setting and a rural atmosphere are provided by the Bridge of Don. The city centre may be reached within 10 minutes. One of the most well-known places to purchase real estate in Aberdeen is this one. Students will find Bridge of Don to be particularly accommodating, with great neighbourhood amenities and easy access to adjacent parks. Linksfield, 403 King Street, and St. Peter House are a few housing alternatives.

Cove Bay

Cove Bay is a welcoming neighbourhood on the coast southeast of Aberdeen. It is well-equipped with practical conveniences and access to transportation to the heart of Aberdeen. With a balance of green spaces, it contains a medical centre, library, retail mall, and a number of supermarkets. Regular bus services offer a quick and convenient way to get to the city centre and adjacent suburbs. Mealmarket Exchange, The Combworks, and Caledon Court are a few examples of the housing alternatives available to students.


Due to its proximity to Aberdeen’s downtown, this neighbourhood provides a wealth of recreational and cultural attractions as well as excellent public transportation connections. The more central the floor is, as we have established, the more expensive the rental rate. For instance, a studio apartment in this area costs 1,240 pounds per month and up.

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